28 April 2006

My Cup Runneth Over (with Mucus)

I've been sick. I think I mentioned this in my last post; in fact, I'm sure I did. The illness has finally tapered off. Though I'm not entirely comfortable, I am able to function somewhat more effectively than I could at this time last Friday. Only thing is, my respiratory system is producing vast quantities of nasty slime. The sheer amount and varying viscosity of the substance is appalling, especially right after I climb out of bed in the morning.

In a word: disgusting.

In other news, tonight is Alan's Shackled City game. We postponed last Thursday, due to my illness and Adam's required presence in the workplace. We rarely play on Friday nights.

The kicker is that we're also playing the last session of Shadows of the Past tomorrow night. Poor Mike! He'll be coming down two days in a row, at an overall distance driven of 400 miles (both ways). He may as well get a hotel room. Maybe he can sack out on someone's sofa.

So I'm on my break at work, filling ya'll in on the world and how it's been treating me. Which is to say, not bad, but not particularly well. If not for the past nine days of suffering, I'd give it a grade of A-. As it is, I can really only say that the time deserves a collecive D+.

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