06 July 2014

Out With the Old...

The beginning of the end.
On a lark, I went ahead and updated the template for this blog. Blogger said it would save a copy of the old one, but I'll be damned if I can find out how to restore it. So, yeah. Progress. I'll probably screw around with it a little bit and get it just the way I want to.

Also in the new category, the Age of Rebellion Core Rules are out, representing my first published freelance work since 2010. They even let me write a brief article about my part of the project. I've got a number of other projects in the pipeline, things I've already finished that should be released eventually. When they're announced, I'll be more than happy to fill everyone in.

I'm sure everyone's had a chance to check out the D&D Basic Rules by now. Everyone but me, that is. I have yet to check it out, though I have downloaded it. I'm a pretty horrible grognard about some things, you see, and I'm pretty happy with all the 3.5 stuff I've got for the game. I never even made the switch to Pathfinder, and as for 4E... well, let's just say that I've played in a number of 4E games, and it never really did much for me (and I'm not looking to argue about it, either--it's just a matter of taste).

I have a penchant for picking up core rules for games, so I'll probably do the same with 5th edition when they come out. Whether or not I switch over to the new rules remains to be seen.

This is when Stephen stuck the knife in and twisted it.
After a lull, the boy and I have been playing the X-Wing miniatures game again. We tried out the CR90 corvette using the opening scenario from the epic campaign that came with it. Basically, he had six TIEs and I had the CR90, and his objective was to cripple one of my ship halves within six turns. He had me down within four turns.

The CR90 is pretty neat, but it really needs close support. Its turbolasers are useless at close range, and outside of a salvo or two in the opening turns, I didn't get too many shots off.

WildStar keeps on keeping on. I've got lots of exciting work to do in the office these days, so I can't complain too much. I've been moved into the Narrative office after being in the same cube for the past two years. Speaking of which, this Wednesday is my two-year anniversary with Carbine, and I celebrated by 41st birthday five days ago.

I'd say it's funny how time flies, but it isn't. So I won't. Wait, didn't I just? Oh, the hell with it.