19 October 2005

Time Flies When You're Writing Like Mad

Warning: The photos in this blog entry have nothing to do with the actual content, and are merely examples of a shameless father showing off his progeny.

So, my work on Hammer and Shadow is done; it was done on Sunday night, in fact. I sent the turn-over in to FFG, and I've spent the last two days pretending I don't have any more deadlines. Of course, I'm only fooling myself. I've got a WFRP project due on 11/1. It's not a huge project, but I am obligated to treat every book I work on just like it's the biggest, most high-profile one yet.

I'm currently waiting on several books to see release. In regards to electronic products, the last Future Player's Companion should be released relatively soon, as should Template Trove III. On the print front, Shadowspawn's Guide to Sanctuary will likely be out in November. I'm not sure when the last Warhammer book I worked on will come out; I've seen the second draft, and it looks like it's going to be great. As for Star and Shadow, Fantasy Flight's "upcoming" page says it's due for a November release (with Hammer and Shadow due in December).

Next month is Gen Con SoCal, the best four...er, rather, the best three days in gaming. Heh. I'm planning to be there for at least two of them, and will be running a Thieves' World game for Green Ronin. Speaking of which, I need to put together some hotel reservations. I'm thinking I'll aim for something cheap this time...of course, I'm only planning to stay over a single night. Hm.

Anywho...I need to get to bed soon. It's been a long day.