13 December 2007

Starships of the Galaxy Preview #2

Another preview has popped up for Starships of the Galaxy, and it's another of the ones that I penned. This time it's the Rebel Assault Frigate (two versions, no less). You can check it out here.

And no, despite what the page says, there are no deckplans for the Assault Frigate. Sorry!

I'm also reading that some folks have already found copies at their local game shops, despite the book's release date of 12/18. I haven't seen my contributor's copies yet, but I'm eager to. It's going to be one heck of a good book.

Now, back to the project at hand...

05 December 2007

MMO Marketing on a Budget

What not to do:

I think we'll be lucky if some concerned citizen doesn't call the police...