20 April 2006

Marcus Calls In Sick

I'm going to have to miss tonight's Shackled City game at Alan's place. This is due to a horrible plague that I've been afflicted with, spread to me by my beautiful (yet obviously diseased) son. At least, I'm hoping that whatever it is I've been stricken with is the same thing that he had, because he got over it and I'd like to think that I'll be getting over it soon, too.

So, yeah. My throat is scratchy, my lungs feel like they're full of sand, and I slept for about two hours last night while spending the balance of my time laying there, wishing that it would all end.

I did come to work, though. I'm typing this from my little half-cubicle right now, in fact. Time for lunch, and even though I'm not particularly hungry, I should probably eat.


1 comment:

Alan said...

Well, Adam couldn't make it either, so it's not like Marcus missed out on anything! We'll shoot for Friday and see what happens to your poor gnomish friend...