25 April 2008

The next supplement for the Saga Edition of the Star Wars RPG, Threats of the Galaxy, is coming out next month. See the listing here, and check out a preview here.

Not much else to say at the moment (and not much time to say it, anyway). I'll post a little something later on.

03 April 2008

Wanted Dead: Ewoks

I had a dream last night. It was Star Wars-themed, and somewhat kooky.

Somehow, Ewoks had emigrated from Endor to Tatooine. The Ecological branch of the ISB (Imperial Security) had deemed them an invasive species, and granted hunters certain quotas for killing them. Thus, it was permissible for a certain number of Ewoks to be killed by each hunter each week, and bounties were offered for each one.

Hunters could only kill Ewoks of specific colors or fur patterns each week. Ewoks killed that didn't match these guidelines didn't count towards bounties. I guess this is my fevered brain's attempt at including some silly bureaucracy to the Imperial Ecological Agency's methods.

In the dream, I got to tag along with an Imperial Ecological warden as he inspected kills. We were walking around in some back-water desert town. There were large bins filled with dead (and, admittedly, half-dead) Ewoks.

One bin contained non-conforming kills, ie, Ewoks of the wrong color/fur pattern for the week. None of them counted for bounties, they were just there to be tallied.

There was another bin filled to bursting with dark brown Ewoks; I can only assume it was the week for dark brown Ewoks.

The last bin contained a motley assortment of Ewoks of all colors and in all states of decomposition. When I asked the warden about these, he told me they were road casualties: in other words, road kill; unlucky Ewoks who had wandered onto roads and fallen victim to landspeeders.

To make things more interesting, some Ewoks had gone to extreme lengths to maintain comfort in the extreme heat of Tatooine's twin suns. These Ewoks would shave their bodies bare, and had adopted robes similar to those used by Jawas. In effect, they even looked like pudgy Jawas, and had taken to infiltrating Jawa society (with varying degrees of success) in order to avoid the hunts.

That about covers the dream. Thanks for reading.