30 March 2006

"It's Been Comped."

So said Noelle tonight, when I told her I wanted to pay for the latte they gave me at It's a Grind last night.

"Hey!" I protested. "I told Michelle I'd pay for it."

Noelle shook her head. "Too bad."

So that's that, then. I paid for tonight's iced tea and retreated to my corner to write. I certainly hope these folks stick around for a while, and make some sort of profit. After this "royal treatment," I'd hate to have to go back to Borders/Seattle's Best. I'm freakin' spoiled rotten now.

Especially since Jennifer, the owner's daughter, offered to let me stay and work while they were cleaning up this evening. "Thanks for the offer," I said. "I have to go home and spend some quality time with my wife before bedtime." It's nice to know that I don't have to scurry out like a frightened rodent after hours, especially if I'm on a roll.

The Wizards book is, as they say, "In the bag." Another day or two and an art order and I can put it behind me. It's been a relatively interesting project, a positive experience, and a long-term goal achieved. It was a little more mechanics-heavy than I would have preferred, but that's the nature of the d20 beast. Writing for WotC, even in this limited capacity, is a goal that has long been in my sights.

Oh, one other small news item: I went and ordered a slew of D&D books from Amazon tonight. My wife is a temptress. "You earned the money," she said. Which is true. I did earn the money, word by bloody word. Might as well spend it on something game-related for a change.


Anonymous said...

LOL, so you're spending the money Wizards of the Coast paid you on Wizards of the Coast products. Ain't that the way the world works?

Gary said...

In all fairness, I'm spending the money another publisher paid me to buy Wizards products. I'll likely spend some of the money that Wizards pays me on travel later this year.

I agree, though. It's a twisted pattern, and I certainly see the irony.

I recall working at a local game shop, and more than half of every check I earned went right back into the store.