30 March 2006

By Golly, I'm a Coffee-House Regular

Or so it would seem. I've been there just about every night for the past two weeks. The barrista ladies are starting to call me by name.

I went in last night to work on the current project. Before I left, Amy offered to give me a few dollars to buy my coffee with. I declined; I use my ATM card, and besides, she might want to buy some lunch or something with the money.

I arrive, place my order for a triple latte, and pull out my ATM card. "The credit card machine is down," the young lady tells me.

Under normal circumstances, I'd drive the two miles home and get the cash that had been previously offered to me, and then drive back. But the coffee folks wouldn't have any of that, so they gave it to me on the house. Gratis. Free. I insisted that I'd pay them when I go back tonight, but they didn't seem too worried about it.

Try getting that kind of service at Starbucks.

I'm just about done with my work on the WotC book. Next in line is Enter Title Here for Midnight. That'll be fun, but it will also mean some crunch time. I really expected to be done with the Wizards book earlier, but there's no use whining about it now. I've made my bed, and now it's time to sleep in it.

Catch you later...

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