14 March 2006

Marcus to the Fourth Degree

So my little cleric will be advancing to fourth level, and I've been agonizing over the choices I need to make. I'd originally decided I'd slap a level of fighter on old Marcus when he hit 4th, but I've decided against that and determined that I'll stick with another level of Cleric. Perhaps I'll go with fighter when I hit 5th level, instead.

I suppose I could go through the reasoning, but it comes down to numbers. Mostly, I like the idea of the save increases for both Fortitude and Will. The extra spells are a nice perk, too. Plus, there's the 4th level attribute point, which I'll be sticking into his Wisdom score.

Fighter was appealing from the standpoint of the bonus fighter feat, and I really hadn't considered what that feat might've been. It won't hurt to wait.

In the meantime, I think Marcus needs to invest some of his hard-earned coin in a heavy crossbow. I'm sick and tired of not having some kind of ranged weapon to plink at bad guys.

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Alan said...

It would make a lot of sense to wait until 5th before multiclassing into Fighter. You will get a BAB bonus (which you won't at Clr5, right?), plus that extra feat. Good thinking. I also think that the increase in spells is a very good thing - 'specially with the ability to spontaneously cast healing spells. Mwuahahaha.