07 March 2006

I Have Become Bee-Like

That is to say, busy.

One thing I have noticed about this industry is that the work comes in fits and spurts, and not in any sort of rational or predictable manner. Though it has been a steady progression (kind of), there have been occasional periods of dead air punctuated by endless months of breathless creativity.

Take the time being, for example. The WFRP project is moving now, though I dare say I haven't started on it. Given the deadline, I feel that I can slack for a little bit while I wade through my portions of the book I'm working on for Wizards. Add to that a new Midnight project that I'm sharing with Robert Schwalb with a mid-April due date, and you can see what I mean.

Anyway. I'm on lunch, but it's back to buying in a few moments. I'll check back in at a later date.

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