22 August 2014

#RPGaDay: Day Twenty-Two - Best Second-Hand RPG Purchase

A very bad picture of my WEG Star Wars shelf.
One of my favorite things about the game store we used to go to in San Diego was that it had a shelf of used games and RPG books. It was fairly well-stocked, but there was always a certain amount of product that never moved. Once you became familiar with the stuff that didn't sell, you could easily spot anything new that was added since the last time you came in. I found some pretty good stuff on that shelf from time to time, but there's one purchase in particular that really made my day.

At some point, I'd lost track of WEG's Star Wars RPG. I still had my original first edition books at the time, but for some reason I'd never gone over to the second. As it happened, I walked into that store one day and discovered someone had sold their entire WEG Star Wars RPG collection to the store. It was second edition stuff, too, and included a full run of the Star Wars Adventure Journals. Best of all, most of the books were about $3 and $4 each, with the hardcovers being somewhat more expensive (probably between $6 and $8 apiece).

I decided I was going to take all this stuff home. I mean, I loved Star Wars, and I'd had no idea so much stuff had been released for it. I don't remember how much everything totaled up to, cost-wise, but it was a bargain. There were a few holes in the collection, some of which I eventually filled, but overall it was something like 25-30 books that I'd be hard-pressed to find for those prices now. Since then, my Star Wars library has served me well.

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