09 August 2014

#RPGaDay: Day Nine - Favorite Dice Set

My favorite dice set. They have killed many PCs (a blatant lie).
Like every other gamer in the entire world, I've got way too many dice. I've had something like thirty years to collect them, right? I have sets that I used religiously growing up that I don't even look at these days. Not to mention all the specialty dice (yes, Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion, I'm looking at you).

I'm a pretty simple guy, though. I have aesthetics, sure, but I like dice that feel good in my hand, even if they don't roll particularly well. Of course, they're dice. They're supposed to be random. I take that to mean that sometimes they will roll low, sometimes they will roll high, and most of the time they will roll average. That's something I can live with.

My favorite dice set, pictured, is a sort of marbled green from Chessex. The dice in the background are the others I keep in my usual dice bag. They're all pretty similar, but I like the jade green mottled color best of all. If I'm running D&D, I'll usually pull two sets from my bag--the green one, and whatever other one I feel like using. Typically the second set will be either the purple or the red ones.

I think that's enough minutiae of my dice-rolling habits for one day. What about you guys?

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