31 July 2006

Mr. Nose, Meet Mr. Grindstone

It's amazing how much work I can do in a single sitting if I put my mind to it, barring headaches, stifling heat, or toddler issues.

In that sense, it was a productive weekend. I've still got a good bit more to catch up on, but I feel confident that I'll have something that is (at the very least) presentable quite soon.

Working on 40k is intimidating. Licensed products, in general, are intimidating all by themselves; but this is Warhammer 40k. Not only do I have to answer to the folks at Black Industries, but there are a lot of hard core fans out there in the Materium with very strong, deeply-entrenched opinions about the setting that I need to consider, as well.

I wonder how it will all pan out in the end. It could go either way. I'm hoping the line will be a success, and it'd be nice to have an opportunity to continue working on it as it grows. We'll see.

I should be writing now, but it's lunchtime and I'm in my cube at work and the time I'm given to eat and relax only amounts to 1 short hour (half of which I've already squandered). I'm waiting to hear from my wife in email, which should happen any time now. Then I'll probably surf the internet until the proverbial bell rings and I am forced to go back to work.

The Emperor protects!

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