28 July 2006

I'm So Confused

I have been taken by surprise at how quickly the month of July has passed me by. A number of things have gone poorly, in one respect or another: my PbP WFRP game has been ignored, mostly due to my writing obligations (which have snowballed). The TW playtest session has been mothballed, as well, due in part to the lack of local FLGS support, as well as my own insane schedule.

I feel badly about it, but my hands are bound. Better luck next time, I suppose...that is, if there is one.

Part of the reason I feel so crummy is that all thoughts of the playtest had been driven out of my mind in the weeks following my encounter with Game Empire's manager. I promised to post a final decision by 7/1, which I ultimately forgot to do. The heat, as well as family obligations, haven't helped me to focus.

Obviously, I'm all about excuses. I'll try and make it up to folks, somehow.

GenCon is in less than two weeks!

1 comment:

Silverhand said...

Tell me about it. Less then two Weeks! Where will you be hanging out mostly when you're not running TW?