21 June 2006

Comp Copy Update

No, I haven't received my copies of CotHR (or of TiT, for that matter).

However, I did hear back from Black Industries, and I guess I should expect them to be sent out soon. It's not exactly the, "They're in the mail, and you should get them any day," answer that I wanted, but it's far better than, "We decided to donate your comps to a local animal shelter for use as cage-lining."

I'm staggering through the day in a sleep-deprived haze right now. The boy has been sick since last night, after suffering a reaction to his latest bout of innoculations. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do but administer Tylenol and TLC in equal doses. Should I go out to write tonight, I fear that I will merely end up shorting out my laptop when the drool from my slack jaw pours out onto it.

Campbell's chicken and stars soup for lunch. Yum!

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