18 January 2006

A Shogun Named Marcus

Nah, he's not a shogun. We've been over this before. As I mentioned, though, I've written up a brief background for him, and this is where I'll post it. Enjoy!

Name: Marcus Baer.
Age: 27.
Sex: Male.
Height: 5'9".
Hair Color: Dirty blond.
Hairstyle: Collar-length and well-maintained.
Eye Color: Hazel.
Skin: Losing its tan.
Distinguishing Marks: A lightning bolt tattoo on his left bicep.

Description: Of average height, Marcus looks a bit stocky when dressed in his fighting gear: a suit of scale mail which has turned more than its fair share of blades, covered with a simple stained tabard that was once white. He keeps his hair and moustache as neat as possible, but this is not always a simple matter when he is traveling. His hazel eyes are wide and almost naïve, but this might be construed as an act on his part. He is honest to a fault, though he attempts to keep his own counsel unless asked. He doesn't mind heroics, either on his part or on the part of his companions, but he prefers to hedge his bets whenever possible.
Background: Marcus Baer was born in the Shield Lands, in the city of Critwall. His father was a town watchman, and his mother was a laundress. The Shield Lands have known little peace, being as close to the Horned Society as they are. Marcus' father died in battle while Marcus was still a boy, and his distraught mother sent him away to be cared for at Critwall's temple of Heironeous.
   As he grew, Marcus' preoccupation with his father, who he viewed as a fallen hero, shaped his desire to join the Paladins of Heironeous. Despite his initial zeal, Marcus proved to be a poor candidate. He was far less disciplined than necessary, and had "washed out" by the time he was sixteen. The priests of Heironeous' temple, in an effort to salvage Marcus' talents, directed him to join the priesthood. Marcus would have none of it, and set out on his own to find his own faith.
   Time passed, and Marcus traveled far and wide. Eventually, he discovered his own form of worship, which revolved around the very principles of benevolence and mercy. While he honors all good-aligned gods, he refuses to serve any one of them above all others. He is, instead, a servant of all good deities, and will have it no other way. He sees organized religions as being unnecessarily bureaucratic, given to the faults of the men and women that control them.
   Marcus' travels have brought him to Cauldron, a place that he has been drawn to. He is unsure why the gods have brought him to this stinking, volcanic city. He sees that there is much good that can be accomplished here, starting with four children who have come up missing from an orphanage. It is obvious that evil stalks the depths of the city, so Marcus will seek to stamp it out as best he can along with the aid of his new allies.
Allies: Anyone he may have aided in his travels might be considered an ally, or at the least, may afford him some concessions in the case that their goals are not currently aligned.
Enemies: Marcus sees the servants of wicked gods as enemies of life. In his journey across the lands, he has opposed the agendas of many evil gods, including Iuz, Incabulos, Hextor, and Erythnul. As such, servants of these deities who have crossed paths with Marcus may take a special interest in undermining his efforts. Additionally, there are those in the priesthood and martial orders of Heironeous who view Marcus, at best, as weak, and at worst, as a traitor to the faith.

So, that's it. It's not much, but it fleshes him out quite a bit more than he'd been fleshed out before. Hopefully, he's not as bland as he used to be.

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