03 January 2007

Happy (Belated) New Year

I've been lax lately, blog-wise. Not much to say, really. The holidays are behind me, which means that I should have more time. Theoretically. At least until the new baby arrives, sometime around February/March. All bets are off then.

Haven't done a lick of gaming lately, unless you count the occasional card game. Schedules have been too conflicted to schedule anything meaningful. Given that one of my regular players has consigned himself to a life of servitude in a Starbucks that is part of a local B&N, I wonder how much we'll be seeing of him in '07.

I've been reading a little, though. Picked up Expedition to Castle Ravenloft with an Amazon gift certificate, and I'm liking what I see enough to consider running it. I'm not generally a fan of published adventures (unless I'm mining them for ideas), but this one seems flexible enough that I might enjoy it. I'll probably put my own spin on things.

The Liberty game is gearing to start up again, so at least I'll be playing something...

As far as work (meaning writing, as opposed to the orthodontic salt mine), things are in stasis presently. I've got a project or two promised to me later this year, but no dates are set yet. I do have some rules that I need to finish reading. Outside of that, I get to hurry up and wait. I'm wondering if I should beat the bushes a little bit, but I also know that once I get something else lined up, all Hell will break loose with my current obligations and I'll be swamped.

Then again...I'd sort of like to be swamped. It either means that I'm in demand, or that I'm too stupid to say no to a project. Or, more than likely, both are equally applicable.

I've got some photos I need to download off the camera so that I can properly document the holidaze on my Freelance Father blog.

The boy is now three months from turning two, and he's definitely showing signs of terrible twoness. I was naive to think that my son would be different somehow, that the terrible twos were for other children and not my own. I was mistaken. Life is now a near-constant struggle with the child for dominance, punctuated by much cuteness and love (which makes it hard to stay annoyed for long). His favorite word is "no," and any question posed to him is answered the same way.

"Do you want a bath?"
"Do you want to read a book?"
"Can you say 'car'?"
"Can you say 'no'?"

You get the point.

I also seem to be developing a case of the Christmas Crud, which (I'm sure) is closely related to Con Crud. My co-workers have been sick and feverish, which means that I, too, will probably grow sick and feverish in short order thanks to the germ mill. I made a comment to a co-worker last week that it seemed to me that the only people who were in the office were the sick ones. Everyone else was on vacation or holiday. Except me, condemned soul that I am.

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