17 January 2007

Definitely Not Duracell

My laptop battery is in its final death throes. No longer will it hold a charge.

Given that life without my computer is unthinkable, I've ordered a new battery from Dell. Expensive? Yeah, it was. Can I afford it? Yes, just so. I'd planned to spend said money on something less utilitarian, but I know that I'll be happy once that battery light stops blinking red.

I had news today. It was good news, but not to me. I can't say I expected a different answer, but I am, nonetheless, somewhat down about the whole thing. Should there be a next time, perhaps I will have better fortune.

I'm hankering to DM/GM again. It's been too long. I think I've lost my train of thought, the one that was chugging around my brain in December. Derailed by neglect, I may yet bring it back at some point. For now, the future use of my dining room table is uncertain. My dice, unused, will remain in their little black pouch, set aside like impotent orbs that once brimmed with random chance.

The good news is, my blood pressure has gone way down. As in, it's normal. I don't feel much of a difference (and I likely won't). I guess that's something that I should be happy about, hm?

I complain sometimes about waiting. Well, in a couple of instances, at least, my waiting is done. In at least four other instances, it continues. At least one of the latter cases, the impending birth of my daughter, has a definite due date. The other three remain unknown.

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