19 February 2006

The Sound of the Starting Gun

Bang, it says. Bang, bang.

As of tomorrow, I start work on the next Warhammer Fantasy book that will bear my name. Along with three other very competent authors, I will spend the next few months writing about . I have few doubts that this book will be awesome when we're done, but like as not, it won't see release until '07. Such is Black Industries' production schedule, but time is the price of quality work.

Honestly, it will be nice to go back to work after a break. The last product I worked on was Legends of Shadow for FFG. I also did some freelance work for Upper Deck, though mum is definitely the word on what it was. Let's say it was a juicy opportunity, and leave it at that.

Hand of Shadow has been announced over at Against the Shadow. It looks to be the equivalent of the Book of Vile Darkness for Midnight, aimed at running campaigns where the PCs are minions of Izrador. I guess everyone has an opinion on this. When asked who was writing Hand of Shadow, Rob Vaughn replied that he'd like to see Rob Schwalb and myself write it.

That would be my fourth Midnight credit, once it comes down, and another chance to work with Dr. Evil. Both are excellent reasons to accept the offer, once it is officially pitched my way.

I spent about a week taking the Thieves' World adventure that I ran at Gen Con SoCal last year, and turning it into something that Green Ronin might find useful for Gen Con Indy. All indications are that I'll be running it there this year, though I haven't heard specifics from anyone yet.

On the gaming front, my Midnight campaign is going well. We've had two sessions so far, and the PCs are chugging along. I fully expect them to hit fifth level within another two sessions, and then all bets are off.

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