06 December 2008

We've Landed

The holding pattern is finished, and we've come in for a landing. It's good to know we're on the ground, one way or another. No major changes are planned for the time being, so it's all normal for now. Christmas is looking to be quiet and spent at home.

In other news, I think I've come to grips that I probably won't be running much in the way of games until the kids are a bit older. Don't get me wrong; kids aren't a death knell to all gaming, but they certainly put a crimp on it. I may be able to start something up at work in January, but gaming at home (or in conjunction with Amy in any way) is probably not going to be an option. The kids are too dependent on us, even at night, they're too disruptive when they aren't sleeping, and I'm too old and tired to stay up until the wee hours rolling dice.

That's that for now. Nothing important to mention. I'm trying to wrap up my latest project.

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