07 September 2008

Tunnel. Light at the End of It.

Launch approaches. Life goes on. Less than two weeks until WAR is being played by hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of folks worldwide. It's exciting; people really seem to like the game. Being so close to the content, it's sometimes hard to look at the game through anything other than a microscope.

So, yeah. Exciting.

I'm a bit preoccupied with a number of little things, including my kids (ATM). My wife is in California for the weekend, and she's left me in charge of our offspring. They're being pretty good, overall.

I had the chance to play 4E about a week ago. It seems like a good game, but like many people before me have said: it doesn't feel like Dungeons and Dragons. Add another game and edition to my grognard list.

I suppose I'll try and get a little bit of the WAR beta in today, between dirty diapers and mealtimes.

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