04 October 2006

Gen Con SoCal?

One of the many things I'm currently mulling over is whether or not I'm going to attend Gen Con SoCal next month. Even if I did go, it'd be for one or two days instead of the usual four. As much as I'd like to support the largest gaming convention that's within 70 miles of my doorstep, I'm thinking that I'll be skipping it.

I may reconsider. For now, I'm thinking I'll spend the weekend prior to Thanksgiving at home.

In other news, I'll be heading out to the coffee shop in about an hour or so to continue my work in progress. With luck I can wrap it up this weekend, just in time to go to PA. Lord knows I won't have a scrap of time to myself over our family vacation to do any sort of writing. Not that a lack of work is a bad thing. This is, after all, a family vacation.

1 comment:

Silverhand said...

And miss the opportunity for me to buy you a beer? I'll be there Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning if you feel like doing a Saturday round trip!