08 August 2006

Gen Con Indy '06

I'm climbing onto a plane tomorrow and flying off to Indianapolis. I'll be back on the evening of the 14th, likely with a slew of photos and at least a small handful of swag. If you plan to attend Gen Con this year, please drop by the Green Ronin booth and give a shout. When I'm not running games, you should be able to find me there. At the least, you can leave a message.

I'm not sure what sorts of goals I have this year. This is my third consecutive Gen Con, though I've been to four altogether (not counting Gen Con SoCal). I flew to Indiana in '04 to support the release of FFG's Fireborn, as well as to get my name out there. Gen Con '05 was when Thieves' World was released, and I wasn't going to miss that at all.

Well...it seems as if my name is "out there" already, so I feel less of a need to run around like a madman handing out business cards. I'll obviously do a bit of that, but (outside of at least two planned business meetings) it's not going to be my primary focus. This leaves me to wonder: what is my focus this time around?

I think that it's the social angle, more than anything. I've met a lot of neat industry folks over the past four years, many of which I consider to be friends. Being able to eat a couple of meals and throw a few drinks back with these people is well worth the price of the airfare. If this convention leads to even one contract that pays me more than the plane ticket costs, it will have paid for itself.

So that's where I am. Expect no updates until I get back; as I said previously, I am not taking the laptop along for the ride.

See you soon!

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