06 August 2006

Fury of Dracula

Last night, after several months of it sitting on the top of my book case gathering dust, we finally got to try out Fury of Dracula. Often it happens that I'll buy a game, which often has a substantial dollar amount attached to it (in this case, $50), and we'll play it once. Or, in some cases, never.

On this occasion, though, Alan suggested that we gather and play something, anything, since we haven't played his Shackled City campaign for about a month now due to a number of reasons. We started off the evening with a quick game of Bang!, after which the baby was put to bed and we prepped the table for Fury of Dracula.

Present, we had Adam as the noble Lord Godalming, Alan as Dr. Seward, Amy as Van Helsing, and Mike as the dainty Mina Harker, leaving me as the undead Count Dracula. The first hour was spent getting used to the rules, but once we'd worked out most of the kinks, it started going pretty smoothly. We didn't actually finish the game, but we're in a good position to play a full game the next time we gather together.

My impressions are that it is a fun game. I like the cooperative aspect, with the hunters aiding one another to hunt the Count. I'd like to play it again soon, but we're all grown-ups with schedules that aren't always in tune with one another. I guess I'll have to try for a demo at Gen Con this week.


Six hours of travel followed by the best four days in gaming, right? This being my third year in a row going to Indy, you'd think I would be used to it. The travel always gets me, though. Once I'm there, I'll be fine. Coming home is always the best part, since I'll have my smiling wife and baby boy waiting for me.

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Alan said...

Thanks for having us all over, amigo. I enjoyed the game, and look forward towards planting a beefy wooden stake in the good Count's chest next time we meet.