26 May 2014

Things Are About to Get Real

In less than a week, WildStar will drop. That would be 6/1/14 at 00:00:00 am. Three days after that, it goes live for everyone (the first three days are a head start for those who pre-ordered the game). I've worked on the game for just under two years now, and I'm proud of what the team at Carbine has accomplished. We've all been waiting for this day to come for a long time.

I still need to get a computer that can run the game. We've got two old desktops in the house that, sadly, date back to 2007. My wife and I both have newer laptops, but they were cheap and I'm not sure if they'll be capable to doing WildStar justice. The game is beautiful, and while I see it in all its splendor at work, day in and day out, I'd hate for my wife to experience it in less detail.

In other news, I continue to do some freelance in my off time. It's looking like my first published work in almost four years will see the light of day when Fantasy Flight releases the Age of Rebellion core book. I don't know when that will be, but I'm nearly as excited about it as I am about WildStar dropping.

We still continue to play games here at home. Outside of the Edge of the Empire game I've been running since December, I've recently started up a D&D game for my son and a couple of the grown-ups from the Star Wars game. It got a little emotional last time when Stephen's character was dominated by a vampire. He's still new to these games, relatively speaking, and he felt somewhat cheated when his Will save of 18 wasn't quite good enough to resist the vampire's gaze.

Amy and I managed to talk him down from a /ragequit over the next few days, and the boy seems to be feeling better about the ordeal now. The next game is this coming Saturday, so we'll see how it plays out.

I took Stephen to see the new Godzilla movie today. He loved it. I enjoyed myself, overall, but I had some reservations about the movie and how often the G-Monster shows up on screen. I've given it a more detailed treatment at my new blog, "Popcorn, or Popcorny?" which is where I'll be reviewing horror films that I've seen. If you guys can't get enough of my blog entries (and we all know you can't!), please check out the newest blog if you have a spare moment.

That's about all for now. Keep an eye out here for more WildStar and Age of Rebellion news!

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