18 February 2007

The First Game

Logistically, I wasn't sure if the game would take off or not. Given the limited time I've had for fun lately, I'm taking all the short cuts that I can find in order to make sure the game goes on with a minimum of work on my behalf. For one, I'm using free adventures. For two, I'm running in the "default" D&D setting of Greyhawk, using only the three core books for reference.

The free mini-adventures available on the Wizards web site are a godsend. The quality of the ones I've read so far is good, and they're not so complicated (plot-wise) that new players will be put-off or overwhelmed.

By restricting the rules and options to those offered in the three core books, I avoid the risk of my players experiencing information overload. Face it, a lot of books have been released for D&D in the past several years, and put together they represent a lot of information and optional rules. I'd just as soon keep things simple. I can always introduce things piecemeal at a later time (if the game lasts that long).

So what is everyone playing? Party composition is nearly "iconic," but we've only got three players on the field. They're lacking a front-line fighter, which means that Jeff's character (a cleric) is the closest thing they have to a bruiser. Poor Jeff. The party break down is as follows:

As mentioned, Jeff is playing a human cleric named Tobias Goodfaith. He chose Kord as his god, feeling that the option gave him a little bit of flexibility. He's got good stats, and he spread his skills out somewhat to have a broader range of abilities. I figure that as he advances Tobias in level, he'll have a better idea where he wants his skill points to go.

Deana's character is an elf rogue named Ailean (pronounced "Ay-leen," not "Ay-lee-an"). She's young for an elf, but still almost six times as old as Tobias is. This doesn't stop Toby (as she calls him) from adopting her in a somewhat paternal/fraternal role. I get the impression that she accepts the protection and support, taking advantage of it a little bit (although she does return the favor). She's very proud of her masterwork theives' tools.

Roya is the arcane magic user: a female human sorcerer named Raven. We don't know much about Raven yet, given that she has yet to make an appearance. I suppose I'll update her profile here when I know more.

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