23 May 2006

It's Too Quiet

You can reckon that when it's quiet, I'm either busy or I'm being lazy. In this case, it's a combination of the two. Am I busy? Certainly. I've also been ignoring a few things that I probably shouldn't be ignoring (which includes about 95% of the non-spam email I get).

The day job is draining me dry lately. The company I work for is relocating this coming weekend, and it seems like the past 45 days have been filled with the constant uphill struggle of preparing for the move. It'll be nice to be snug in our new facility. The old one leaves something to be desired.

On the writing front, it's that top secret project. I'm also going to be helping out with another CCG, which is light work that pays real well. Knock on wood.

Over at Against the Shadow, there's been a post by one of the members where he gives Legends of Shadow a pretty critical/negative review. I'm never one to debate reviews with fans (or non-fans, as the case may be) because, frankly, I'm too close to the project to be completely objective. I don't think that it would be professional for me to offer a rebuttal, even if I wanted to.

I did respond to his post, though, mostly to let him know that I was the one who wrote such-and-such chapter, and not one of the other authors. The way I see it, I don't mind if folks know who to blame for this chapter or that. More power to them, I suppose.

Back to the subject of reviews, yeah. I won't say I've had tons of my work reviewed critically in the past, but I decided a long time back to expect slings and arrows from opinionated people. Anyone who hangs their chin out in any creative field, be they artists or writers or whatever, should expect to get slapped in the face once in a while.

As tempting as it may be to use this forum to express my opinions on Legends in comparison with those that have been posted at ATS over the past few days, I will refrain and refer to the above statement: I'm too close to the project to be objective, even if I wanted to be.

Back to real life, for the moment. Tonight: writing. Tomorrow: writing. The day after that: writing. You get the idea.

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